Garage Door Risk Assessment

My son Logan was 3 years old; he was in the ready, shoot, aim mode.  He had a wonderful sense of curiosity, and was willing to try anything if it looked interesting enough.  One day, my wife was getting ready to take the kids to school.  She sent them into the garage to get into the car.  She forgot her purse, so she pushed the garage door button and gave the kids instructions to get in the car.  When she was inside for that split second, Logan made a bee line for the garage door.  As the door opened, he saw his opportunity.  As the ledge on the bottom of the door passed his face on the way up, it was like a shiny piece of candy.  He could not resist.  He grabbed hold of the ledge and hung on.  The garage door went all the way up the track with Logan lifting up with it.  He rode the garage door all the way to the top and hung there, stuck, with his legs dangling, suspended in the air.  His mother rushed out and pulled him down without further incident.   Isn’t this just like us?  Often, we see the shiny piece of candy passing us by, and we take action without thinking of the results.  Many times, we just don’t know what those consequences will be; we just choose the action with the hope that things will come out in a better place than when we first started.  Sometimes….that is OK.

By the way…sometimes it does not work out.  The cast is from an unfortunate trampoline experiment.


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