Dining Room Table

dining room

The day I became a branch manager was a proud day.  I moved into my new office at the branch.  It was the biggest office I ever occupied.  Right behind the huge oak desk as a giant leather executive chair.

I invited my Dad to come visit my new empire.  He arrived and I toured him around the branch, like Ceaser returning from Gaul.  I took him into my office and showed him “The Chair”.  I said, “Dad, have you ever seen such a big chair? I bet you didn’t have a chair this big when you were my age.”.

He responded.  “Son that is a fine chair.  I just want to remind you about something.  That is not your chair.  It belongs to the bank.   If you left tomorrow, they would find someone younger, skinner and pay them less to do more than you are doing today.  You are replaceable in that chair.  The only chair in which you are not replaceable is in the chair around your dinning room table with your family at night.”

He was so right.  In our work we are replaceable.  There is no ill intent, but most enterprises will go on without you.  But there is no insurance policy, lump sum or free vacation that can replace one minute of your relationship with your family.


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