Knowing Just Enough To Get Beat Up


I came home from my first day of wrestling practice and showed my dad my wrestling move. I pinned him! He warned me not to go try and use the move on anyone outside of the wrestling mat. He told me that if I only know one move, and somebody else can counter that move, then I would be out of options. He said, “Be careful when you are a new learner. You may know enough to make yourself dangerous and get your tail kicked.”

The same can be said at work.  As a new trainer, I was getting good in the classroom and was feeling good about myself. We were in a meeting with the project manager of the new computer system. I asked, “What are we doing to make sure that this system roll out is not a total disaster like the last system roll out.” The project leader was very nice about it. She said “we have held focus groups, gotten a new vendor and by the way, I was in charge of the last computer system roll out!”

Sometimes you can know just enough to get beat up.


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