Sometimes I Worry About Zombies


If you knew that the “zombie apocalypse” was coming tomorrow, would you load up on ammo, water, food and seeds today?  You don’t want to be the person, left to survive with a Snickers bar and a dull knife in your pocket when the zombies arrive.

But what about the opposite?

At a June 7, 2014 presentation at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, economist Joel F. Naroff warns of something different. Economic growth.

  • As the unemployment rate closes in on 6% by the end of the summer, consumer incomes and confidence should improve, starting the process of shifting gears.
  • Wage gains will then start to improve sharply.
  • That will trigger stronger consumption and hiring which should further increase growth.
  • The tightening labor market is real, and businesses are completely unprepared for having to bid for workers.

Have we lived with the fear of a stagnant economy for so long that we are not prepared for success?  You don’t want to be the business that is left to survive with inadequate human capital investment in your pocket when the opportunities arrive.   Now is the time to invest in your people.

Prepare for the worst…but hey, also prepare for the best.


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