Two Bodies of Water

seadead sea
“In Israel, two major bodies of water run into the Persian Gulf. One body of water is the Sea of Galilee. It is full of fish and aquatic animals. Trees and plants grow and flourish on its banks. The other body of water is the Dead Sea. Not one single things lives in the lake and there is nothing green on its banks. The difference between the two bodies? The Sea of Galilee overflows. Every gallon that it gets is given up to the sea. The water that flows in to the Dead Sea only replaces what evaporates.”-From The Speakers Sourcebook, by Glen Van Ekeren

You are pouring water into something right now.  You are pouring water continuously into a job, a project, a relationship or a goal.  Even when it is hard, you get up in the morning and keep the water flowing.

We can have such grit and determination, that we are blinded as to what happens to the water.  Are you pouring all your water into the Dead Sea, where it evaporates?

Pour your water into lakes that feed the environment that you seek to create. Don’t let the “sunk cost” of your past efforts persuade you to keep pouring water into a barren effort.  Your water is needed elsewhere.



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