Enjoy A Little Panic


I remember standing at the wide open door.

Everything I had was packed in the back of a Honda Civic and I pulled out of the driveway to go to college.  It was the day that I trembled on my way to the top of the Space Needle to propose.  It was the day we decided to have our first child, the day after 9/11, as an affirmation of life.

We have all encountered those big moments.

We have all stood inside with both feet firmly inside what we know, with the choice to step outside the threshold or play it safe.  If you leave, it will never be the same.

Early in my career, a wise banker told me, “Colby, you are going to be asked to move into roles you know nothing about. You will be hopelessly unqualified. Take them.  If you are not panicking, you are not growing.”

If you have both hands on either side of the door frame, then it is time to make the call.

Walk outside and enjoy a little bit of panic.


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