Rough Spots


“A display of golf balls that spanned many years reveled how they were transformed by the addition of one significant element. The first golf balls manufactured had smooth covers. A young, avid golfer experiencing financial difficulties played with a beat up golf ball. His playing partners noticed their smooth covered balls did not fly as accurately or as far.

Today, golf balls may have as many as 423 dimples. These rough spots enhance the balls accuracy and distance. So it is with life. Rough spots have a tendency to sharpen our skills.”
-From The Speakers Sourcebook, by Glen Van Ekeren

All bankers have made a loan that went bad. It was a good loan when they made it.

If it is a really bad loan, then we can even loose our jobs.  That is in any bank, anywhere.

But bankers have to keep cashing checks and they have to keep making loans.   And the “scar tissue” from making mistakes are what makes a banker valuable to a bank and to a customer.

Be thankful for your rough spots.  They may be the best measure of your value.


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