Hair On The Arms Of A Pirate


Author Ridley Pearson found himself touring on the Black Pearl, the boat in the opening scene of The Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World. The animatronic pirate that commands the boat is named Blackbeard.

Blackbeard barks threats during the opening scene of the ride and is only 10 yards away from the visitors as they float by.

As Ridley Pearson got on board the boat and inspected Blackbeard, he was amazed at the detail. It had a detailed costume and even individual hairs attached to its arm. He asked an Imagineer named Jason Surrell why they would go to the trouble of putting that much detail into the Blackbeard, when it was so far away from the guests.

Jason Surrell said they did it because, “if it was missing the detail, the guests would get the sense that something was missing.”

If you are missing some details, others will also sense that something is missing.

Your customer, your co-workers and your friends know when a corner is cut. Approach your work and your life like everyone can see the details.


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