My Thanks Always Fall Short On Memorial Day

Think for a moment about the thousands of young men and women that died defending our country.  These young men and women sacrificed the easy life of U.S. Citizen to join the army in an effort to insure others freedom.  One definition of leadership is “intentional personal sacrifice for the benefit of those you are intrusted to serve”Being a solider is the ultimate commitment to leadership.

I never had to do it.  I never had to sit in the dark night, with a weapon in my lap, in a far away place, away from my family, with someone trying to kill me.  So my thanks always seem to fall short.  I, and so many like me today, think prayerfully about those people that committed to my freedom and never came home.

As the birds sing outside the window and everyone else in my family soundly sleeps this morning, I just quietly say “God bless you” to all the fallen warriors that allowed me this moment. 

The only thing that seems of measure for the fallen on Memorial Day is to say “thank you” and to go live this life of freedom with all the tremendous personal sacrifice of others in mind.

 Photo Credit: Kuryakyn Blog, Chris Law


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