E6- Change Leadership- Gettysburg, The Great Retail Apocalypse of 2017 & You

Great leaders embrace and lead change or they become a footnote in someone else’s story. In this show, we will explore a pivotal moment at the Battle of Gettysburg and connect it to the Great Retail Apocalypse of 2017. The show concludes with an  exploration of the leadership lessons you can learn from both these events and what you can do to effectively lead change. 


Show Notes: Here are a couple of concrete thoughts to consider about your personal leadership journey with change:

If you see these signs in your organization or even in the relationships within your life, you have to make the courageous move to redirect and find the right position on the battlefield. If you see the signs you have to learn quickly. You have to react quickly.

Leading change means moving from your current success into the absolute unknown. And that is terrifying. What drove success in the past will not drive success in the future. Don’t let your past success make you tone deaf to the music that building around you.

Find the strategic view– You have to climb to the top of the hill and see whats coming even if you are in the middle of the current battle. No matter you stock the shelves or if you are a CEO. Climb on top of the hill and think about what might be charging your way, weather that be Confederates or Amazon or whatever.

Focus resources– Don’t just focus your time, talent, people and assets at todays problem. Yes. Focus on the problems of today. Focus enough resources on the next problem be prepared for the Amazons of the world. You can win the battle today and loose the next and still loose the war.

Go where the need is the greatest– If you see a problem, go fix it before it effects you. Make courageous decisions on behalf of the future. It might be painful and others might not understand it, but go do the things you know are right to protect the future.

Your job as a leaders is to get yourself in the right mindset about change and lead others to get in the right mindset about change as quickly as possible. When the weak signals become strong signals you have to sound the alarm and get people to the top of the hill. There will be resistance, but your job is to get people through the resistance quickly and to trust you. If people trust you, they will take the leaps needed to countermand the current mode of business and make the changes needed to save the day.

Know that your decisions and your efforts can make the difference– If someone asks you to change, I encourage you to instantly go into learning mode to figure out what it will take for you to get through your resistance. Your efforts might be the thing that pushes your company over the top. You might be the person that arrives 10 minutes before the enemy arrives and saves the day.

Great leaders embrace and lead change or they become a footnote in someone else story.

Eric Hoff “During times of drastic change, learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves infinitely prepared for a world that no longer exists.”


Statue of General Warren on Little Round Top- Photo by Ron Cogswell

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