E11- “Stakeholder Value”- A Tribute to Mr. Bill Turner

I have talked on the podcast before about the blessing of growing up around community bankers. As I was in production on the podcast episode last week, the original community banker here in my home town, Mr. Bill Turner, passed away.

Instead of talking about his life, which is absolutely extraordinary, and I will post a link to an article by Chuck Williams of the Ledger Enquirer that describes it magnificently. It is hard to add much to what Chuck said, but I want to talk about the impact that he had on me and what his example might mean for your leadership journey. There is a powerful leadership message to consider in the example of Mr. Turner’s life.

Are you building your community as a shareholder or as a stakeholder?

Who are you shepherding? Who has your phone number?

I closed the show with this quote and I think it sums up my feelings for Mr. Turner as well as any…

“Superior leaders get things done with very little motion. They impart instruction not through many words, but through a few deeds. They keep informed about everything but interfere hardly at all. They are catalysts, and though things would not get done as well if they were not there, when they succeed they take no credit. And, because they take no credit, credit never leaves them.”~ Lao Tzu.

Columbus civic leader Bill Turner dies at 94

AMAZON: A Journey Towards Servant Leadership by Bill Turner

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