E12- “Chasing The Wookie” an interview with Wes Carroll

We all want to belong. We are looking for a “tribe” of people that share our passions, values and beliefs. There is a basic human need to relate with people and connect through some shared meaning. Belonging could be one of the most basic and important human emotions we can experience.

One way to belong is through fandom. Fandom allows you to find a group of people that connect to the same things we love. Fandom can take many forms.

Fandom is what you will find at Dragon Con. Dragon Con is one of the largest fan gatherings in the world, with 80,000 people annually depending on Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. It has celebrity panels, cosplay, vendors, fan art and general fun.

No one knows more about Dragon Con than Wes Carroll. Wes has been covering Dragon Can for the last 16 years. In his critically and commercially acclaimed “Dragon Con Pre Game Show”, he interviews celebrity attendees, walks people through what to expect at the convention and gives valuable survival tips.

The Wes Carroll Dragon Con Pre-Game Show returns on Saturday August 26, 2017 at 11am on News Radio 540 WDAK, and will again air on WVRK Rock 103 on the 26th at 7pm. The show also has wide distribution on a number of other stations that you will find in the link below. You can also pick up the show on the iHeart media app. All of this content is high quality, interesting and free!

Read more: http://newsradio540.iheart.com/content/2017-07-31-2017-dragon-con-pre-game-show/#ixzz4qNgEux8c

This year’s lineup is Ming-Na Wen (Mulan, Agents of Shield), Kane (wrestler), Tony Anselmo (the voice of Donald Duck).
Full listing of the line-up and show times:


For more Dragon Con coverage including photos and past Pre-Game Shows:

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