E13- “Seasons”- The Eclipse, The Sundays and Return Phone Calls

E13- In this episode of the podcast we will talk about seasons. We will explore the most recent eclipse, we will discuss an obscure British pop band that fell off the face of the earth in 1998 and we will talk about the implications of not getting a return phone call.

Leadership Lessons from “Seasons”:

  • There comes a time in which you have to give up your season, especially if you know that another, more important season awaits you on the other side. 
  • Leaders have to let their position go from time to time so others can have their season.
  • Making a transition from one leadership season to the next can be uncomfortable, but you will never get to a bigger and better season if you are not willing to go through a winter.

How do you know when you are out of season:

  • When you sense that the environment is changing so much that it will not longer sustain you. You know you are out of season when what you are and what you bring is no longer encouraged, rewarded or acknowledged. It seems like everything you do is met my constant resistance. You hear “no” more that you are even heard out. The organization has moved on and what you used to do is no longer appreciated. When every day feels like an incredible, statistically impossible, uphill slog.
  • When you are past the time in which you thought you would be there. You told yourself you would give it three years and you are on year four. You said you would only stay until you got your certification and you got it three years ago. You told you family that you would stay as long as everyone remained happy and someone in your family is no longer happy. When you are past your expiration date and you know it.
  • You know your season is up the you are bored. When you have done all the things you wanted to do. You might be very comfortable in your work, but you are not growing, not adding a lot and just treading the same water over and over. You know your season is up when if feels like you are putting little energy into little progress with little to show for it.
  • You know your season is up when there is no purpose to what you are doing. When you look around and you cant tie any satisfying personal impact to your labors. When you are not helping anyone, when the things you have to give are not being given. Your talents and mindset no longer seem to apply. Your season is over when if feels like you are taking more from the situation that is being received by your efforts.
  • You know your season is up when you feel like you are in the way of the future. When you don’t have the passion and energy to go the next mile and others are desperate to take it on. When you look around and say, “I just can’t take on another fight.” When you think about things outside of work more than inside of work. Your season is over when you know that if you were to move on things would be fresh, new and better.

Image Credit: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/seasons-poem


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