E24- “Standing Alone”- DragonCon, The Taco Guy and The Black Hole of Paperwork


In this episode, we talk about standing alone.  We take you on a quick trip to Dragon Con and talk about the “Taco Guy”. We will share a story about the big black hole of paperwork. We will then leave you with some thoughts about the importance of authenticity and standing alone.

Show Notes:

We all have to conform to operate successfully in a group.  But don’t be a phony when the time comes to be counted. Standing alone and acting on your authentic thoughts are a necessity if you want to lead. 

But standing alone exacts a price. You must put the price aside and be willing to stand alone anyway. Standing alone means that you love the group more than you fear being rejected by the group. Standing alone means that you love the truth more than you fear the price you pay for telling the truth…even if it means you get cast out for a season, even if you lose, even if it hurts. 

Standing up and having courage means that you love the truth and you love progress more than you fear being turned away from the group. 

A group does not have to like something to benefit from something.

You can only stand alone if you are authentic. If you are a copy of someone or something else, then your opinions can be no different. You have to be yourself and have your own opinion to be authentic.  

I am certainly not asking you to dress up like Superman, Wonder Woman or the Taco Man.  I am simply saying that there is something very unique and authentic about your leadership that is telling you something is not right…it is telling you to speak up. But the risk of being cast out is keeping you from speaking up.

You have a choice to make. You can stand in the background and be safe or you can take the risk.  But you know in your heart that you can’t just watch and wait any longer. 

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” -Brené Brown

Photo Credit: © Can Stock Photo / peshkova

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