Four Things Great Motivators Do Every Time

My father relayed his first experience learning about motivation. Dad was a young 2nd Lt. right out of school. He was assigned to the 504st ordinance ammunition company. His task was to take big boxes of 105 artillery shells out of the warehouse by forklift, have soldiers put fuses into the shells, and have the […]


Dropping Bombs, Hand-To-Hand and the DMV

You are paid to make decisions. If you run the cash register at a yogurt store or you are on the National Security Council, you are paid to make decisions.  The right decisions lead to rewards. The wrong ones lead to failure (and hopefully wisdom). It is easy to drop bombs from 10,000 feet and […]

Sometimes I Worry About Zombies

If you knew that the “zombie apocalypse” was coming tomorrow, would you load up on ammo, water, food and seeds today?  You don’t want to be the person, left to survive with a Snickers bar and a dull knife in your pocket when the zombies arrive. But what about the opposite? At a June 7, […]