Reserved Seating

Maybe the problem is not them…or it…or him…or her.

Maybe the problem is you and your desperate fight to keep your front row, reserved seat.

Not that there is anything wrong with you. You just want to have your needs met. You need to be recognized, preferred, esteemed, increased, remembered, set above others, noticed and on top. You want the reserved seating.

But the “reserved seating” you, is the thing that stands in your way.  It makes you do things that are not you…just to keep the seat.   You push down, trample, wrong, cut out, not consider, forget and hurt others to get you there.

If you have to do things that are not you, just to keep your reserved seat, maybe it is time to give up the seat and let someone else have a turn.

The view from the back is not so bad.


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